Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello, all!

So, it's been seven years (nearly) since I wrote a post here. I have been busy, or lazy, or shy. But I think the time has come... I have been restless in my writing life, not having a particular venue for my thoughts-turned-to-words. I keep thinking I should start a blog, then I remember I have a blog, then I think it has been too long and maybe it doesn't exist anymore (but nothing really goes away in cyberspace...unless it's that file you need desperately to find that you think you stored in the cloud or something...).

Anyway, this blog still exists, for better or worse, and I have decided, for today, anyway, that I will do some posting on it and see what happens. I know it should be linked to my website for better optimization or something, but I can't be bothered with that right now. I could detail myself to death with those things (and doing the dishes, walking the dogs, etc) but the writing would never get done. And I really want to get writing done. The kind that I dare to put out there and see what happens.

So, let's go.

Of course, some of what has been on my mind is the current roiling of politics in this country, the US. (We never should have called it the "US" - a set up to breed narcissists if I ever saw one!)

All I really want to say is please, let's try to be our best selves here. All of us. As best we can. I know it is frightening. There is a tsunami of fear (disguised as hatred) washing over us right now. Dive into it. Find your way to surface and gasp for air. Then look around you and see who else you can help.

Play to your strengths.

Start small.

Stay present.

Bear witness.

Take action.

Take care of yourselves.

Take care of each other.

Think globally, act locally.

Mindfulness and awareness and compassion are stronger than you think.

When all else fails, remember that the scary people were little kids once, and nobody taught them a better way to deal with their difficult feelings. It's true, they have some power now. But you have power now, too. And you can harness yours and meet them with the kind of heart you want to live in.

I am not saying be all sweetness and light, the good guys always win. (Nobody wins. This shit just keeps cycling through.) Check out Mahakala and the wrathful deities of Tibetan Buddhism. It's not all sitting quietly under a tree. Check out the bodhisattva Manjushri, with his flaming sword of truth, which cuts through delusion and fear. This is fierce wisdom in action, based in clear-seeing and deep compassion. Cultivating these qualities and moving from this heart of inner wisdom is truly our only hope, if we are to overcome the fear and hatred of our times. Recognizing the affliction in ourselves and healing it there gives us the power and insight to take right action in the world around us. This will protect us from blind flailing and causing more harm, which is never what we intend to do.

Take heart, dear friends, there is much to do but there are many to do it. Onwards.